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Monday, April 17, 2006

Remarks about the Lithuanian localization of Opera

One of the first annoyances that begs complaining about is the inability to use Alt+d to go directly to the address bar and to select its entire contents (in order to type a new URL); instead, Alt-d brings up the Adresynas menu (bookmarks). It might be recommended to change the hotkey for Adresynas menu from d toward s, since s can serve as a mnemonic character for the Lithuanian word "saitas" - link, and bookmarks does contain links, don't they? Alt-d is needed by those computer people who prefer fast keyboarding to the mousey mousing... (In Firefox, there is a similar silliness: only Alt-d works, but Alt-D [capslock on] doesn't.)

The translation of the names of the various encodings might be more successful in the Lithuanian Opera than in the Latvian Firefox. The latter has, for example, "Vidus Austrumnieku" (sic! overcapitalisation), a genitive phrase, which translates back into English as "of Easterners of the Middle"; "Easterners of the Middle" is a riddle to me. Middle of what?
Besides, the "Middle East" should normally be called Near East (LT: Artimieji Rytai, LV: Tuvie Austrumi), however some geopolitists in a not very distant past have "re-christened" the region by mixing "Mediterranean Sea" (Sea of the Mid-Earth) with "East".
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_East#Changes_in_meaning_over_time.

For "Paste", the translator's choice is "Įdėti", which diverges from Microsoft's own "Įklijuoti". The shortcut key is Ctrl-V and context menu key is d.
"Iškirpti" and "Kopijuoti" coincide with the with the MS version.

"Visas ekranas", same as the Latvian "Pilnekrāns" (F11, 'full screen') both seem to lack appropriate noun declensions. Ought to be translated as something like 'in full screen' or 'over full screen'. There's no particular need to imitate telegraphic English in a flexive/synthetic language (e.g., in the Baltic ones).


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